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Cast Credits*

James Van Der Beek . . . . Dawson Leery
Katie Holmes . . . . Josephine "Joey" Potter
Michelle Williams . . . . Jennifer "Jen" Lindley
Joshua Jackson . . . . Pacey Witter
Mary-Margaret Humes . . . . Mrs. Gail Leery
John Wesley Shipp . . . . Mr. Mitchell Leery
Mary Beth Peil . . . . Evelyn "Grams" Ryan
Nina Repeta . . . . Bessie Potter
Meredith Monroe . . . . Andrea "Andie" McPhee
Kerr Smith . . . . Jack McPhee
Monica Keena . . . . Abby Morgan (1998-99)
Mädchen Amick . . . . Nicole Kennedy (1999- )
Vanessa Dorman . . . . Belinda
Colin Fickes . . . . Kenny Reiling
Brittnay Daniel . . . . Eve
Michael Pitt . . . . Henry
Scott Foley . . . . Cliff Elliot
Jason Behr . . . . Chris
Obi Ndefo . . . . Bodie
Nick Stabile . . . . Colin Manchester (1999-)

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Dawsons Creek
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The WB
4000 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91522

Fifty Creek Facts

  1. Katie Holmes graduated from her All- Girls High School with a 3.8 grade point average.

  2. Joshua Jackson's favorite kinds of music are Jazz, hip hop, rap, and blues

  3. If acting didn't work out for James Van Der Beek, he was considering being a Middle School Teacher

  4. Michelle Williams, who is single, spent Valentines Day 1998 watching romantic movies with friends and eating Haagen-Daz chocolate ice cream. It's her favorite besides brownies (my kinda girl!)

  5. Katie's trailer on the set is painted blue, because of it's calming effect on her

  6. Josh just leased a new Chevy Tahoe

  7. One of the first films to be filmed in Wilmington, NC, where Dawson's Creek was filmed, was FIRESTARTER with Drew Barrymoore

  8. The producers of Dawson's Creek originally brought the idea for the show to the FOX TV network. FOX turned them down because they thought it was too similar to PARTY OF FIVE.

  9. Steven Spielberg gave permission to Kevin Williamson to use his name and references on Dawson's Creek. "Rumor has it that he saw the first episode and loved it. He gave us his permission to use his name and image." -- James Van Der Beek

  10. Josh likes the fact that Dawson's Creek doesn't stress a "message". He says, " Teenagers are smart enough to figure out a lot for themselves. We go under the assumption that the audience can make up their own minds about the situations that arise on the show."

  11. Some of the Hallway scenes on Dawson's Creek are filmed on an old set of MATLOCK.

  12. Michelle didn't like the final version of the scene where Jen meets Joey, Dawson and Pacey. She thought her skirt looked way too short.

  13. When Katie was little, she tried to play baseball and basketball, but she wasn't good at it. That was why she tried acting.

  14. Josh got kicked out of High School twice, once for attitude, and once for lack of attendance. He ended up getting his G.E.D.

  15. James's favorite show is Monday Night Football

  16. The producers originally wanted the Alanis Morrisette song, "Hand In My Pocket" for the theme song to DC. She refused, but Paula Cole didn't. The song, "I Don't Wanna Wait" became the shows theme song.

  17. Michelle used to want to become the first female heavy weight champion of the world.

  18. Katie's best friend plays on her school's basketball team, and whenever Katie is in Ohio, she tries to cheer her on.

  19. These 4 towns can boast about having Creekers as residents.

    Vancouver, Canada-- Joshua Jackson
    Toledo, Ohio--Katie Holmes
    San Diego, California-- Michelle Williams
    Cheshire, Connecticut-- James Van Der Beek

  20. Michelle hated her high school in San Diego. She spent most of the time hiding in the bathroom. She ended up doing home schooling and graduating early.

  21. Katie doesn't really row the boat when she goes to Dawson's. The crew attached a rope to the bottom of the boat and they pull her along.

  22. Michelle doesn't watch the show because she feels hypercritical of herself, but Katie does, because she wants to know what shots the directors used.

  23. Katie jogs a few miles each week to release stress and tension.

  24. James was the last of the fab four to get casted. He got the part 3 days before he had to be in Wilmington.

  25. Michelle isn't looking for love. "I'm still figuring out who I am so a steady boyfriend isn't want I want right now."

  26. Kevin Williamson wants to write a guest role for Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was killed in both of Kevin Williamsons movies, and so she'd like to die on DC too.

  27. Katie likes the 70's rock singer, Janis Joplin.

  28. Katie was accepted to Columbia University in New York. She has defered her enrollment to film DC, but she wants to go back to school, hopefully as an english major.

  29. Josh is known as the "cast clown". He can be counted on being there for the emotional scenes, mooning his co-stars

  30. In 1991, James was on Clarissa Explains It All, as Paulie, the guy who falls for a fictional girl named Jade, played by Melissa Joan Hart.

  31. On the set, James has been teaching himself to play the guitar, and he also writes in his journal.

  32. Katie played Lola in her high school production of Damn Yankees.

  33. Josh is proud of his Irish Heritage. His pet turtles name is Saorse, which is Irish for Freedom. His dog, Shumaba, is swahilli for lion. Shumba appeared in the J.Crew catalog with the DCreekers.

  34. James's dad played for the Los Angeles Dodgers. James once thought he would follow in his fathers footsteps and play baseball too.

  35. Josh thinks he's not so romantic with girls. He would like to be, but "generally, i'm just too oblivious."

  36. Michelle Williams considers computers foreign objects.

  37. Josh actually owns a computer and goes online whenever he has the time. He has actually visited sites before.

  38. Josh once sang for the San Francisco's Boys Choir.

  39. Katie considers herself a shop a holic and loves to buy clothes. She prefers jeans to dressing up though, just like her character Joey.

  40. Regarding tinseltown, Josh says, " If Hollywood is a state of mind, then i'm an ignorant man."

  41. During High School, James attended 4 proms!

  42. Katie says she drinks way too much coffee, and loves going to coffee houses.

  43. Dawson's Creek is a real place, located in New Bern, North Carolina, 2 hours away from where the series is filmed.

  44. Katie says that during high school, she wasn't a girl that always got the guy.

  45. Josh took some time off after getting his GED to travel Europe. His favorie country is Ireland.

  46. All five of the children in Katie's family have taken Piano Lessons

  47. Michelle was in the movie, Spiecies as a child.

  48. Josh's grandmother, who swore she would never leave Ireland, left to tell Josh he needed to get rid of his "Julius Ceaser" haircut because it was embarassing to his "relations"

  49. Katie was discovered in an internation Model and Talent search. She got her first major role on her first audition for The Ice Storm, as Libbets Casey, a stuck up snob.

  50. Josh thought about studying English or Philosophy. He definitely wants to continue his education.

BONUS FACT: Katie says that if she was one of the original brat pack she would be Molly Ringwald, and Josh thinks he'd be like Emilio Estevez, whom with which he starred in The Mighty Ducks.

The Dawson's Creek Quiz

Do you have the knowledge? Ang tried to put together a quiz that would make the most die-hard Creek fan sweat. Do you have the skills? Are you game?

If you think you can get the answers, paste the questions and email them to Angela at The winners will be featured in my upcoming "FAN-atic" Section.

  1. What is the mascot of Capeside High?

  2. What is the name of Joey's lipstick in the first episode?

  3. What is the first outfit you see Joey wearing on the first episode?

  4. What was the name of the series premiere?

  5. How much money does Pacey give the guard at the Jail?

  6. How long does it take to get to the jail where Joey's dad is?

  7. What class does Jen have first period (in season one)?

  8. What grade do the Dawson's Creek gang enter into at the beginning of the first season?

  9. What is the name of the first season finale?

  10. What is the name of the woman Pacey picks up in the convenience store on Friday the 13th?? What is her boyfriend's name?

  11. Where does she work?

  12. What did Grams do for a living?

  13. What is the name of the video store?

  14. What is the name of the movie theatre in season one?

  15. How many screens did it have?

  16. What movie do they watch in the series premiere?

  17. What is the name of the movie Tamara first asks for?

  18. What is Mr. Gold's first name?

  19. What was the name of Dawson's Movie in season one?

  20. What did he enter it in?

  21. Does Dawson have a computer in his room?

  22. How many sisters does Pacey have? Brothers?

  23. What are the first names of Dawson's Mom and Dad?

  24. What is the name of Bessie's baby?

  25. What is the name of the librarian?

  26. What class do Joey and Jen have together and what period in season one?

  27. What kind of project do Pacey and Joey have together?

  28. What was the name of Dawson's date at the carnival??

  29. What was the name of the busybody girl in The Breakfast Club episode?

  30. What was Cliff's last name?

  31. Who is Dawson's favorite newswoman? (Hint: It's not his mom.)

  32. Who is the creator of this site?


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