"I wake up every day and wonder if anyone loves me. I'm fifteen years old, and I don't think anyone loves me."

When you hear these words coming from Josephine Potter, it's not hard to see why she is such a wonderful character. She says what she feels, calls them like she sees them, and decks the quarterback who makes her mad. But beneath all of that, she is realistically human, a character that most can relate to. "She's the one you want most to succeed, the one you end up cheering for on the show." remarked one student. Maybe because in a way, we are all cheering for ourselves. She represents Everywoman by doing all the things that we wished we had done, or wished we had said. When Kevin Williamson created the characters he envisioned them being the type that, "says what you wish you had said, and only thought of 10 minutes later."

The actual character of Joey is based upon Kevin Williamson's childhood friend, Fanny. The situation is reversed though. In High School, Kevin Williamson was the one pining over Fanny, not vice versa. When the pilot of Dawson's Creek was filmed, Kevin immediately sent the tape to Fanny.

Joey andFanny are parallels in the show, but that doesn't mean that Katie Holmes, who plays Joey on the show is too. Katie told interviewers that although they are similar in the way that they deal with situations, the background and home life is much different. Katie describes her home life as a happy warm home with her many brothers and sisters. Joey on the other hand, had a much lonlier life.

Bio On Joey

Joey Potter was born into a lower class family in the small town of Capeside, Mass. This in itself is a sin in such a small town, fueling the fire of gossip and speculation. Her father was a man with a roving eye, and cheated on Joey's mother. Joey's mother died of cancer when Joey was in 6th grade. Joey has one older sister named Bessie, who runs the Icehouse, a local eatery.

Bessie's boyfriend is a black man named Bodie, and this interracial relationship is also a scandal in the small close minded community of Capeside, as well as another place for gossip placed upon Joey's head. Joey is an exceptional student with dreams of getting a scholarship and going to college-and away from Capeside. She has always counted on Dawson Leery, her best friend, when times got tough. She has climbed through his bedroom window for ten years. She is practically more a part of the Leery family then her own. But no matter where she goes in life, this favorite on Dawson's Creek will always have people cheering for her.