"I'm a firm believer that sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing."

He's the kind of guy that many of us are familiar with- the wisecrack smart alec at the back of the room, mouthing off. Always equipped with a comeback or a joke. Pacey Witter follows all of these descriptions on "Dawson's Creek." Josh Jackson, who plays Pacey, admits that he and Pacey are very similar. "We both joke around, but neither one of us are michevious for mischief's sake." Josh says. Pacey uses his tactics of laughter and joking around as a form of defense most of the time. He feels as though the entire town sees him as one big joke, as entertainment, and so he plays up to it. He doesn't have a very optomistic view of his future.

Bio on Pacey

Pacey Witter comes from an interesting family dynamic. His father is the chief of police in the small town of Capeside, Mass. This doesn't do much for Pacey, for he and his father have a turbulent relationship. Pacey's brother, Deputy Doug (sounds like something out of Mayberry) is a deputy behind his father. Pacey refers to his brother as a "closet case homosexual" and they constantly bicker about what a screw up Pacey is. Pacey also has "three menstually diverse sisters." In his spare time, Pacey works at Screen Play Video. Pacey puts little effort into his schoolwork, averaging a D in most of his classes. He can make up for all of that however, in the charm and laughter that he brings to Capeside. He can always be counted on for a good laugh, although it's apparent he want's to be known for something else...