Favorite Pacey & Joey Scenes

From Secrets and Lies
Episode 306, originally aired November 10, 1999

Bessie: Guys, it's all so exciting. Now tell me, whose brilliant idea was this again?

Pacey and Joey: Mine.

Pacey: Okay, it was your sister's idea to craft this place into a bed and breakfast, but I'm the one who told her how she could do it for next to nothing.

Bessie: Oh, and Pacey, be sure and thank your Dad again for getting us the help.

Pacey: Please, I finally figured out what the police auxiliary in this town is for. Take it black?

Joey: Yeah.

Pacey: Ok, Potter what's up?

Joey: Well, considering that a lot of our insurance money is going to be swallowed up in this, I just hope it all works out.

Pacey: It'll work.

Joey: It better. I can't go back to the marina gig.

Pacey: Yea whatever happened with that creep anyhow?

Joey: Long story. He was going on a date with someone I know and and I was concerned about her and I tried to warn her and as a result he fired me the next day.

Pacey: Oh what a charmer. Who was it?

Joey: No one you know.

Pacey: Really? Yeah, Potter, do yourself a favor. Never go into politics. You're constitutionally incapable of lying with a straight face. So who was she? Oh.

Joey: Sorry. I wasn't going to tell you, Pacey.

Pacey: Why do I feel like I just got hit with a sledgehammer?

Joey: If it's any consolation, it won't last. I mean, Andie's way too smart to fall for that jerk's--

Pacey: Hey, it's okay. Whatever makes her happy, right?

Joey: Just like the cops to disappear when the going gets tough.

Pacey: Some of them do have wives and children to get home to. And besides, we're almost done here, and you know, I was thinking. You're gonna need a name for this addition when we do get finished, so a suggestion, if I may. How does the Pacey J. Witter wing strike you?

Joey: Keep talking, it'll be a memorial dedication.

Pacey: You know, Potter, sometimes your lack of gratefulness, it borders on unappealing.

Bessie: Joey, it's for you. Whoever it is, she sounds upset.

Joey: Hello? . . . . Hello--

Andie: Joey?

Joey: Andie is that you?

Andie: Joey, please help me.

Joey: Andie, what happened?

Andie: I don't wanna talk about it. I just wanna go home.

Pacey: Andie, you gotta tell us what happened first.

Andie: Pacey, please--

Joey: Andie, what did he do? Did he try to hurt you?

Pacey: Andie, you gotta tell us, what did this guy do to you?

Andie: Um, we were upstairs... in the bedroom...and we were just kissing. And then...he started trying to...and I kept saying no and he kept trying. And then I managed to get away before anything else happened. And that's when I came down and I called Joey and can we just go now please?

Pacey: Where is he?

Andie: Don't worry about it.

Pacey: Is he in there?

Joey: Pacey, let's just go.

Pacey: I'm not leaving until I talk to that bastard.

Andie: Pacey, no--