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Welcome to the Pacey Joey Lovers Shrine!

We are proud to present what we hope to be an interactive and unforgettable online experience based on the two best characters on Dawson's Creek; Pacey Witter and Joey Potter, as well as Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes. The site is a shrine to what we hope is a possible relationship between America's hottest not-quite couple, and a tribute to what could be. They're the "original" couple that love to hate one another. They hate hard and love hard, but you know they couldn't live without each other--Just like you can't live without them.

They've proven they have a loyal fan base, and we hope we're the site that sets up that platform for you to voice your loves and gripes about Pacey and Joey.

PJLS Creator

History of the Pacey Joey Lovers Shrine

Created on October 20, 1998 by me, Angela, it was concieved shortly after the "Modern Romance" episode of the first season aired. After the Dawson's Creek writers planted the idea of Pacey and Joey together, it was one that couldn't be shaken. I still can't believe how much the site has grown from its early days. When it began, I recall still being enthused about hitting 100 on the counter. Through hard work and word of mouth, I hit 10,000 and I was ecstatic. It was then that the site was erased because it's original home on AOL was deleted. The site was recreated from scratch, and it was new count of 13,000 when it was deleted because of lack of space. The site was down for several months, when the wonderful Kilby, knowing how much it meant to me, decided to help in the reconstruction of the site. She has been an invaluable and intergral chief part in the site ever since. Without her, the site would have been reduced to a distant memory. Since then, the site has continued to grow, in staff as well as the quality that we hope to bring you. Now the counter has reached well over 60,000 people, in every state in America, as well as over 20 countries around the world. From South Africa to Wales, Greenland to Britain the PJLS has reached global status. We've recieved numerous awards as well as Fan Site of the Week from the Official Dawson's Creek site, and a feature in "JUMP" magazine's Oct/Nov issue. It has surpassed the original dreams, and we hope that it only continues to exceed everyone's expectations.


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The Pacey and Joey Lover's Shrine is Copyrighted 1998, 1999.
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