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Before you mail me your requests, there are a few things I ask from you. Keep in mind that these rules are made so that we have no conflicts over items you can and cannot "keep". Here they are...

  1. Your items can be either tangible or intangible
  2. The limit number of items you can "keep" is seven
  3. There will be no "keeping" body parts, items from the actual actor/actress, and/or underwear... sorry
  4. Please check the lists to make sure your item is not already being "kept"
  5. You may "co-keep" an item, but only if both owners agree
  6. Please include your name and address when requesting an item. Both are required.
  7. Keepers are granted solely at Nan's discretion.

Well, that's it folks. Go ahead and e-mail me, Nan, your requests. And enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, don't be afraid to ask.

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