Favorite Pacey & Joey Scenes

Do you remember that scene between Pacey and Joey that just had you laughing like crazy or melting out of pure sentiment? Of course you do. After all, there have been so many.

Here in our scene archive, you can find the best transcribed Pacey/Joey scenes all the way from the ones that make you laugh to the ones that make you wanna cry.

All scenes were transcribed by Nohemi, for the sole use of the PJLS

Season One

From 101, Emotions in Motion (Pilot)
From 102, Dirty Dancing (Dance)
From 103, A Prelude to a Kiss (Kiss)
From 104, Carnal Knowledge (Discovery)
From 105, Blown Away (Hurricane)
From 106, Look Who's Talking (Baby)
From 107, The Breakfast Clue (Detention)
From 108, Escape from New York (Boyfriend)
From 109, In the Company of Men (Road Trip)
From 110, Modern Romance (Double Date)
From 111, The Scare
From 112, Pretty Woman (Beauty Contest)
From 113, Breaking Away (Decisions)

Season Two

From 201, From The Kiss
From 202, From Crossroads
From 203, From Alternative Lifestyles
From 204, From Tamara's Return
From 205, From Full Moon Rising
From 206, From The Dance
From 207, From The All-Nighter
From 208, From The Reluctant Hero
From 209, From The Election
From 210, From High Rish Behavior
From 211, From Sex, She Wrote
From 212, From Uncharted Waters
From 213, From His Leading Lady
From 214, From To Be Or Not To Be . . .
From 215, From . . . That Is the Question
From 216, From Be Careful What You Wish For
From 217, From Psychic Friends
From 218, From A Perfect Wedding
From 219, From Rest In Peace
From 220, From Reunited
From 221, From Ch . . . Ch . . . Ch . . . Changes
From 222, From Parental Discretion Advised

Season Three

From 301, From Like a Virgin
From 302, From Homecoming
From 303, From None of the Above
From 304, From Home Movies
From 305, From Indian Summer
From 306, From Secrets and Lies
From 307, From Escape from Witch Island
From 308, From Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
From 309, From Four to Tango
From 310, From First Encounters of the Close Kind
From 311, From Barefoot at Capefest
From 312, From A Weekend in the Country
From 313, From Northern Lights
From 313, From Valentine's Day Massacre
From 314, From Crime and Punishment
From 315, From To Green, With Love
From 316, From A Cinderella Story
From 317, From Neverland
From 318, From Stolen Kisses
From 319, From The Longest Day
From 320, From Show Me Love
From 321, From The Anti-Prom
From 323, From Parental Discretion Advised

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